Content marketing is adopting an editorial approach to marketing objectives.


The numbers don’t lie

Our dashboard setup allows you to access results in real time. No secrets here: we look at KPI’s from different stages of the funnel and compare to industry benchmarks to measure what business results all of this is really delivering.

The fun starts when the content gets published

We may have thought it all through, we only really know what works when it gets out. Whether it’s owned content on social, paid through branded or earned with influencers, our editorial team engages with communities, analyses what resonates and reports back to the team to kill the bad, optimize the good and replicate.

Creating content to generate genuine engagement

Our creative process includes all stakeholders to generate knowledge sharing between conception & distribution. Strategists, creatives, influencers & digital media planners alike, participate in a constantly evolving process where the only truth is that a good idea should be tested and learned from.

Coming up with a plan to drive results

In developing the editorial inbound marketing funnel, this is where we adress the Who? What? When? and why? with a specific focus on aligning brand interests with audience relevancy. This is also when we’ll determine together the criteria to a good brand & influencer alignement.

Understanding your brand and its ecosystem

Every relationship starts by getting to know one another. Running interviews with key stakeholders, our focus is on understanding who you are, what you standfor, what differentiates you from the others, what challenges you’re facing and what opportunities are arising. We’ll also cross information with quantiative data from your digital ecosystem.

  • Distribution strategy.
  • Editorial content.
  • Photo & Video production.



100 % Tailored Researched Highest Quality Content Specific To Your Business

  • We Tell Your Brand Story
  • Content With Substance & Structure
  • Plagiarism Free Content
  • Customer Engaging Content
  • Content In Sync With Overall SEO
  • Content With Workflow & Governance
  • Copyright Certified
  • 100% Unique Content

The Power of Good Content

Thinking of getting your brand on top of the search rankings? Then, it’s not just the meta tags and backlinks that you need to work on, but also the overall content that your site depicts.It is highly imperative for you to understand, that online marketing, especially the likes of PPC greatly depends on the use of precise but descriptive phrases that you useon your site! In this case, not just the phrases, but the overall quality of the language, as well as correct spellings and perfect grammar, also go a long way in making your site soar high on the rankings of various search engines.

How Can We Help?

As pioneers of the industry, we at KAMPP Website Design & Marketing understand that not only does your content need to score well on the search engines, but also need to be loved by your target audiences. Hence, we help you create content that is informative and engaging and resonates your brand image in the most immaculate way possible.

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Our Approach

Based on your goals and objectives, our team devises a strategy to help you reach your potential customers in the most sublime yet impactful manner. We believe in establishing you and your brand as a resource for the audiences. It is when they find your site informative and helpful, they would want to return to it and gain the most out of the same. This will also usher them to follow you on social media, and mention your brand’s name in their conversations and eventually making a purchase, thus helping you realise your business goals sooner rather than later!