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With everything porting to the internet these days, it has become much more convenient for businesses to develop a virtual shop online as compared to a brick and mortar shop. With more responsive websites being developed, customer convenience has entered this segment too. Well developed, bug free responsive websites are the basic things that every customer expects from a website.

We, at KAMPP Website Design & Marketing, develop websites that reflect your brand or service. We stress upon usability, visualization and functionality. We offer custom website designing with beautifully built templates. We follow the latest HTML and CSS updates and develop a well-organized, and strong website. We follow semantic coding for better SEO.

We also intend to maintain your website by adding click buttons, banners and other marketing templates that may help you with your business. We also help you expand content by integrating blogs and RSS Feeds.

How Can We Help?

Any businessman develops a website with a sole motive: to fetch more clients. We make sure that this happens. And how do we do that?

1. Understanding Client Needs: We carry out one-to-one conversation with our clients and understand their needs. We understand their business and select a target audience. We develop the website based on the particular target audience.

2. Preparing the first draft: After understanding as to what exactly they require, we prepare a brief idea that we call the “First Draft”. This draft stands as a basic outline for us and the client. This puts us and the client on the same page.

3. Preparing the final look of the website: After the draft, we keep working on the website and keep the client privy about whatever is going on. He can also keep viewing it on the test link that we provide him. The feedback is duly recorded whenever given.

4. Testing and Final Delivery: We test the website for glitches and bugs. Once sorted, the website is delivered to the client!


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We Implement A Marketing Strategy Specifically For your Business Needs , We do not take ‘one solution fits all’ approach so with us you are getting 100 % Tailored and customized Internet Marketing Solution which seemlessly Integrates with your business and Requirements....


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