KAMPP Technology & Marketing is now a Yelp Advertising Partner!


We’ve partnered with Yelp, a frontrunner in business exploration and client feedback, to elevate your brand’s exposure. Through this distinctive collaboration, we access exclusive resources and assistance, utilizing them to proactively enhance your presence on Yelp and oversee your search advertising initiatives. This helps us establish more robust links between you and your intended audience

Why Choose Yelp:

Experience the Power of Strategic Advertising


Yelp is more than just a review site. It’s a platform where businesses connect with customers:
• Broad Reach: Yelp boasts 100MM unique monthly visitors, offering a vast audience for your business.
• Purchase-Ready Users: An impressive 97% of Yelp visitors make a purchase after visiting the platform.
• Unbranded Searches: 85% of searches on Yelp are unbranded, showing users are open to discovering new businesses.


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Why Consumers Trust Yelp

Yelp holds a special place in the hearts of its users. They trust Yelp over other review sites like Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Open Table, and Thumbtack. No other review site matches Yelp’s influence on final purchase decisions.”

Yelp’s Wide Reach: Desktop, Mobile, and Beyond


• Extensive User Base: Yelp reaches an astounding 100MM monthly unique visitors.
• Mobile-Friendly: Users conduct 80% of Yelp searches on a mobile device.
• Search Integration: Partnered brands like Apple, Alexa, and Microsoft integrate Yelp listings into their search results, extending Yelp’s reach beyond its own platform.

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yelp page

What does this mean for you?

As a certified Yelp Advertising Partner, we gain access to exclusive tools, resources, and insights that enable us to craft targeted, results-driven campaigns on Yelp. Whether you’re seeking to enhance visibility, drive customer engagement, or bolster your ROI, our team is fully equipped to assist you in achieving your business objectives.

As a client, you will receive:


• Professional Yelp campaign management
Strategic, ROI-driving Yelp campaigns built to meet the objectives of your business

• Exclusive discounts and promotions
Bundled pricing, free upgrades, and ad credits that are only available through a Yelp Advertising Partner

• Special access to products & features
Campaign-optimizing tools like video hosting, UTM tracking, API integration, and more to connect with Yelp users

• Support from trained experts
A dedicated Yelp team that regularly certifies our agency’s expertise and is available on-demand for custom assistance

• Advanced tracking & reporting
Data-driven, tailored analyses that measure the metrics that matter most to you

At KAMPP Technology & Marketing, we’re excited to help you capitalize on the positive impact of Yelp and our unique relationship with them. Ready to amplify your Yelp presence?