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When you are seeking to get the word out about your online business there is more than one direction you should consider when developing a plan for site promotion.

By accepting only one approach to site promotion you will likely find that there your prospect growth remains stagnant. When these three broad applications are followed you have covered the primary means of site promotion.

1) Online Promotion

* Pay Per Click (PPC)
* Press Releases
* Free-to-use Articles
* Forums
* Blogs
* Ezines

By using applications such as Pay per Click (PPC) you tap into a targeted stream of potential customers making this form of advertising a marketing bargain.

Online promotion is not limited to paid advertising. Many entrepreneurs have discovered that the use of well-developed press releases can greatly enhance interest in your website.

By writing keyword-rich articles that prove useful to other online website owners you can see growth in site visitation. Generally speaking, free-to-use articles make a link to your website a condition of use which allows this to be a positive site promotion tool.

The use of a forum can allow your customers to discuss your products or services while providing a sense of connection to your online company.

When you use a business blog you are effectively connecting with your clients in an informal, yet informational way. You can provide relevant information they will return to over and over again.

Ezines can be a very effective tool in connecting with your potential customers in a regular and systematic way. The announcement of sales and special pricing helps your customers make the best use of your site.

2) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

By selecting a focused set of keywords or phrases you can begin using these keywords throughout your website in the form of articles and other information relevant to your product or service.

The reason this marketing tool holds value is because this information connects well with search engines. When the search engines rank your site well, potential customers have an easier time finding your web offerings.

3) Off-Site Marketing

When you develop business cards, promotional items for trade shows, and other business-related items you need to ALWAYS place your website details on these items. If you advertise in a print publication always make the website a prominent part of your advertisement. You should do this even if you have a brick-and-mortar store.

Ecommerce is an effective means of building or enhancing a business, but you have to learn the means of a change in delivery and marketing concepts to help take your business to the next level.

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